Mistress Una of Indianapolis



I am a natural dominant woman in Indianapolis who believes in female supremacy, I have the experience to understand your hidden desires, the experience and confidence  to control and submit men like you.  Besides my dominant attitude I have to my favor the fact that I am elegant, demanding, seductive, calculating, intuitive and charismatic.

As a professional domme I welcome you whether you are an experienced player (sub, fetishist, masochist) or a novice curious to explore this world, I am giving you permission to fully explore your senses and emotions through kink and/or submission.

    I am aware of my female power, I have always loved to lure, to tease and to manipulate men; the fascinating BDSM world has allowed me to explore, express and grow further that side of me. I am cruel and strict and occasionally even patient and kind.



 I have an in depth understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of BDSM, role fantasy and fetishism. I know perfectly when and how to merge my feminine sensuality, dominant nature, creativity and aggressiveness to use you to my own benefit, you will quickly know that you are dealing with a professional domme by my immediate understanding of your secret needs. 

    You know your desires and I invite you to act on them, come into My game where you will have the freedom to pursue  your interests under my guidance.